If you have a garbage disposal, you know the importance of ensuring your disposal is in good working order and remains fresh and clean.  You’ve probably heard a few “tricks” to keep your garbage disposal in tip-top shape.  Isn’t it true that you can throw just about anything down them, then sharpen them back up with ice cubes?  FALSE!  We’re here to set the record straight about your garbage disposal.

Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions that impact your garbage disposal, debunked:

  1. As long as the water is running, anything can go down the garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals are extremely convenient kitchen devices, but like any other device, they come with limitations.  Disposals can become clogged or damaged if hard food, or non-food related items, such metal, gets poured down.  Also, keep in mind that your garbage disposal may be able to grind up certain garbage, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for your plumbing.  For example, expanding food, grease and cooking oils are a big “no-no”, as they will easily pass through the disposal, but could later solidify in your piping system.

2. Grind citrus (lemons/limes) in your garbage disposal to freshen it.

Sure, throwing a few lemons down the garbage disposal may make the sink smell nice and fresh for a few minutes.  But the truth is, it doesn’t make it any cleaner.  The acid in these fruits doesn’t remove food, or disinfect the disposal, but could actually cause the metal inside to corrode over time.  If your garbage disposal smells unpleasant, it may be a sign for a more serious problem in your plumbing.

3. Throw ice cubes in your garbage disposal to sharpen the blades.

Believe it or not, garbage disposals don’t have blades.  They use a system of small, shredding impellers to grind up waste.  Think of a cheese grater, as opposed to a blender.  Since the device doesn’t have blades, throwing ice cubes down the drain won’t sharpen the components.

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