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Shower Repairs in Delray Beach, Boca Raton and South Florida

Shower Pan in Delray Beach bathroom

If you are like most South Floridians, the shower is the most important part of the bathroom, and a great shower is the perfect part of a long day.

So if you need shower repairs or bathtub repairs in Broward or Palm Beach County, Florida, we can help! As professionally licensed shower plumbers, we fix shower valves, replace shower pan hardware, optimize drains for bathtubs and quickly take care of all other bathroom repairs.

We are also available 24/7 for emergency shower repairs!

Shower Leaks and Problems that Require Repairs

Some shower repairs require basic hardware adjustments, and others may involve replacement parts. We tweak, adjust, and replace components to fix shower equipment that has the following problems:

  • A leaky nozzle: The shower head will leak when its O ring is worn out. After an O ring is replaced, water won’t seep through crack on a shower head.
  • Low water pressure: Water pressure from a shower head usually drops when internal hardware is clogged. Low pressure also occurs after a shower head reaches a certain age. You could also have a water heater issue. We can fix showers with low water pressure or those lacking heat.
  • Pipe leaks: On metal pipes, corrosion cause leaks by creating a chemical reaction that breaks down metal surfaces. Pipes behind a wall will leak after they’re separated. This happens when a home’s foundation shifts. We can fix broken pipes. We can even tunnel under your home so your foundation and floor is not disturbed!
  • Shower pan leaks: The shower pan is a waterproof layer of protection that goes underneath the shower floor and is designed to capture any water that leaks through the tile in order to redirect it to the drain. Shower pans are typically made of plastic or concrete in a pan shape.

Our plumbers fix showers of all brands including Moen, Kohler, American Standard, Delta and others. We offer great maintenance and repair services for common bathroom fixtures like faucets as well.

Bathtub Problems and Repairs

Rich lather mixed with heavy grime and wads of hair can impact a tub’s drainage system. If a bathtub is used by many people very often, its hardware will develop wear and tear, and this will cause other problems. The top tub-related plumbing issues include:

  • A clogged drain: When hair and dirt goes down a tub’s drain, some debris may not leave the plumbing lines. A clog happens when thick hair strands, dry soap, and dirt clumps stick to the walls within a pipe.
  • A leaky faucet: Every faucet on a tub has internal parts that control water flow. If one component breaks down, water will leak into a tub. Most leaks are caused by a corroded valve seat, a defective O ring, or a damaged or misaligned washer. We fix faucets¬† and and sell new faucets by Moen and Delta as well.
  • Heating problems: If the water in a shower or tub/shower combination doesn’t get hot, the pilot light may be off, or the thermostat might have malfunctioned. A faulty thermostat can also make water too hot for baths and showers.

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If your shower is spraying wildly or has a slow drip coming from the faucet? Call our shower plumbers. Do you have a leak in your shower pan? We can send our plumbers with leak detection equipment to find out if there is broken plumbing by checking the subfloor underneath the pan.

In Palm Beach and Broward County, thousands of homeowners ignore slow leaks, which is a problem because consistent water flow gradually increases monthly utility costs. If you let us stop any type of leak in your bathroom, your water bill will be reduced by around 10%

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