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Kitchen Sink Repairs

Did You Know Your Kitchen Sink Has 35 Parts?

That’s why so many things can go wrong and why you may need to call our plumbers for repairs from time to time. ( And there’s NO EXTRA CHARGE on Saturday or Sunday!).

The parts of a typical kitchen sink in Palm Beach and Broward county include:

  • Hot water supply line
  • Cold water line
  • Faucet
  • Dishwasher water supply host
  • Dishwasher disposal hose
  • Valves
  • Traps
  • Trap coupling
  • Strainer flange
  • Shutoff valve
  • Drain pipe

Heck, there’s even a think called the ‘escuctcheon’!

Everything above and more…AND the kitchen sink to boot! Plumbing parts wear down over time and sometimes require fixing and replacement – but we have a full plumbing supply warehouse with 10,000 parts. So we have the kitchen sink parts we’ll need the first time – no waiting for missing parts from a far away supply warehouse to fix everything!

Why Do Sinks Get Clogged?

The number 1 problem with sinks is that the pipes get clogged? Why? Because
things go down the drain that shouldn’t! Things like turkey parts after Thanksgiving, grease, coffee grinds, egg shells, animal fat etc. can cause immediate damage or build up over time. No problem. We can fix it!

Clogged kitchen drains are our specialty – We have special tools and chemicals that unclog drains and fix other problems in a snap…so don’t worry, just call the Plumbing Experts!

Our courteous and professional BBB A+ rated plumbers are ready at a moments notice to rush to your Broward or Palm Beach County home or business to fix your sink and make these repairs for you quickly and at a reasonable cost!

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