Toilet Repair Troubleshooting

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Toilet Repair Troubleshooting Tips

Need Toilet Repair? Here Are Some Helpful Tips From Our Plumbers

We all dread it when our toilet is overflowing or is clogged. But there are many other issues that require a plumber’s help. Weird noises, water levels dropping, whistling tank, and the ominous “Phantom Flush”. All could be signs that your bathroom is possessed…or that it’s just a simple problem with your toilet that our plumbers can repair in no time at all. With no additional charge for weekend calls ( in Palm Beach or Broward Counties ) you have nothing to worry about no matter when you need Plumbing Expert’s toilet repair services!

Let’s Diagnose the Problem

Below you will find a list of causes and possible solutions for the common issues from clogged toilets onward. Some problems you can easily handle on your own. More serious problems will require a plumber to repair.

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1. Toilet Overflowing

  • Reason: A clogged toilet drain caused by or a blockage in the drain pipe or in the S-shaped trap lower down are the usual causes of a toilet backup.
  • Solution: Turn off the water. Try using a plunger. If that doesn’t work, professional plumber tools like a snake or auger will be necessary. Or, make it EZ on yourself and just CLICK HERE!

2. Gurgling or suction sounds in the tub or sink when you flush the toilet

  • Reason: The toilet vent pipe is clogged. This is a problem that is easy to fix
  • Solution: Run a garden hose down the vent pipe on your rooftop to clear out the clog

3. Phantom Flush – The toilets tank fills with water at random times throughout the day

  • Reason: The toilet tank is leaking water because the flapper is not sealing completely
  • Solution: Replace the flapper valve or have us do the repair it for you

4. Water level drops in your toilet bowl

  • Reason: There could be a crack inside the bowl’s piping or there could be a partial clog problem
  • Solution: First try to unclog the bowl, if that does not work you will likely have to replace the toilet

5. The toilet has a weak flush

  • Reason: It was made between 1994-1997 (Look for a date stamp in the tank)
    If made before 1994 there probably is hard water deposits partially blocking it
  • Solution: If it was made between 1994-1997, you will need to replace it. Clear hard water deposits with a muriatic acid wash. Do not do this if you have a septic system! Also you must properly ventilate for fumes. Better yet, call us for the repair!

6. Whistling tank

  • Reason: You have an outdated ball cock valve with a ball float
  • Solution: Simple replacement, even the top of line models are inexpensive. Get the best one you can find or call our plumbers to do the installation.

You can try any of these toilet repair solutions to basic issues like overflowing and clogs for yourself and hopefully, they work OR you can make it EZ on yourself and just call Plumbing Experts in Delray Beach CLICK HERE! Our plumbers fix toilets from Davie to Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach to Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton to West Palm Beach!

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