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Tips for Drain Cleaning Your Kitchen or Bathroom Drains

clogged-drainNearly 2 million individuals live in Broward and Palm Beach County Florida, so that means that there are thousands of homes and businesses that can have drain problems in the kitchens or bathrooms. You need a drain cleaning service but…

If you are like most people, then you ignore the drain iddurd until there is a serious problem such as an overflowing toilet. When you do have a problem with a drain such as the common ‘clog’, you might do something foolish such as pouring a dangerous chemical down the sink’s drain, damaging the pipes and possibly causing burns on the skin from the caustic substances. Here are a few tips for maintaining the drains in a residential home or commercial building here in South Florida:

Tip 1: Don’t Pour Grease into the Drains

While it is tempting to pour a pan of frying oil down a kitchen’s drain, this is a bad habit. The grease will stick to the sides of the pipes in the drains, creating a narrower space for water to flow through until it reaches the sewer system. In addition, food particles, bathroom tissue and other debris will stick to this layer of grease until a huge clog develops. In some cases, this debris will swell and expand, splitting the water pipes or sewer lines. You should pour greasy substances into the proper containers for disposal in the trash instead.

Tip 2: Using the Toilet as a Wastebasket

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Many products will state that the items are biodegradable, so you may simply toss makeup remover pads or feminine hygiene products into the toilet, leading to a nasty overflow. Avoid using the toilet as a wastebasket for food garbage or paper products that aren’t flushable. Keep wastebaskets near the toilet and in other areas so that everyone can place trash in the proper location. If you own a business with public restrooms, then you should have signs that inform people how to dispose of trash properly.

Tip 3: Install Special Devices to Prevent Drain Disasters

If you want to wash the family dog in the bathtub, then prepare ahead of time by using a hair catcher device over the drain. With this type of equipment, you won’t need to worry about having a clump of dog fur in the drain line underneath the bathtub. When you cook a lot of greasy foods, you should have a special grease trap installed to capture the oils from the water so that you don’t have difficult clogs in the drains and sewer lines.

Call a Professional Plumber for Assistance

When a plunger won’t dislodge the clog in a bathtub, sink or toilet, it is time to call a professional plumber rather than attempting a do-it-yourself repair. Using the wrong types of chemicals or equipment to remove a clog from a drain or sewer line can make the problem worse. The Plumbing Experts Inc., of Delray Beach offer routine and emergency plumbing services at commercial and residential properties in Broward County and nearby regions. Call us today at 561-279-2460 or fill out our easy service request form for additional information about our plumbing services.