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Garbage Disposal Repairs in the Delray Beach Area

Leaky garbage disposal Delray Beach

A garbage disposal is now practically taken for granted in the modern Delray Beach and Boca Raton area home. But they need repairs and replacement at least once every few years.

But they are only meant to last for up to 5 years, so don’t be surprised if your

garbage disposal breaks and needs repairs or replacement…at the worst possible moment. It could be ok now but this afternoon, all of the sudden stop working.

Need garbage disposal repairs or help installing a new garbage disposal into your Delray Beach home? That’s what our plumbers do 365 days a year! Call us for a free quote and be sure to ask for our coupon pricing! (561) 279-2460 Boca Raton – West Palm Beach (954) 946 3566 ( Broward )

Why Do Disposals Break? How Long Should They Last?

You should be putting in any drain cleaner like Draino – it’s very

bad because it corrodes them. Also avoid putting any of these things down your sink drains:

  • Potato peels
  • Egg shells
  • Fruit seeds
  • Pits
  • Celery and other stringy veggies
  • Popcorn kernels
  • Tea leaves

There are various sizes of garbage disposals. Many people have units that are smaller than their needs. Disposal power is measured in HP or horsepower.

What Are the Signs that a Garbage Disposal Might be Going Bad?

Garbage Disposal Plumber Delray Beach

It could be leaking, making odd noises or not even turning on. Time to call our Delray Beach plumbers! We’ll do the repair and replacement FAST and for the LOWEST PRICE!

  • Water is leaking from it is the most popular
  • It won’t turn on
  • It makes unusual sounds and noises
  • It emits foul smelling odors


The housing of the systems typically go bad after a few years and the gears and blades turning inside are made with galvanized steel which sometimes goes bad. We only sell top line disposals with warranties.

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Smoothly –

Do yourself a favor and once a week put a cup of ice through the disposal it will clean away any buildup, rust or grease and send it through the drain and will keep the drain nice and fresh. Run it with cold water and ice. Cold water with ice is great for cutting through grease and will help send the grease out. Warm water will melt it.

Call our Delray Beach plumbers for a free quote on your garbage disposal repair and replacement and be sure to ask for our coupon pricing! (561) 279-2460 in Delray Beach / Boca Raton and Palm Beach County or (954) 946 3566 In Broward County