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When Lantana was founded back in 1921, it only had 22 residents to enjoy the calm sea breezes and beautiful seascape. Now it boasts close to 12,000 residents and growing!

Since 1976, folks in Lantana have entrusted their plumbing repairs and septic service to our company’s plumbers!

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Many of the homes are older and are still on septic systems. Our septic technicians are ready to perform pump outs, drain field rejuvenation and other septic maintenance on your tank and system. 

From Sea Pines to Lantana Heights to Ocean Breeze, our plumbers are also ready to take care of the typical plumbing repairs that crop up across Lantana on a daily basis from clogged drains and overflowing toilets, to leaky pipes and faucets. Besides plumbing repairs, we also install new sinks, new water heaters, toilets and water filtration systems. 

In addition to residential services, our plumber company also performs commercial plumbing for companies throughout the town – From restaurants along US 1 that require grease trap maintenance to retailers and offices from Ridge Road to S. Arnold Ave., Lantanas plumber is Plumbing Experts!