When it comes to your plumbing, there’s more than what meets the eye.  Sure, something may easily pass down your drain or toilet, but have you considered what may be happening behind the scenes?  What really happens to your pipes after wipes are flushed, grease is poured down the drain, or after you use commercial drain cleaners?  We’re here to set the record straight!

Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions that impact your drains, debunked:

1. Chemical drain cleaners are safe for your plumbing system.

Draino, bleach tables and other liquid drain cleaners may get the job done, but you may be surprised to learn they aren’t safe and actually strip your pipes.  These cleaners contain harsh chemicals – hence, they are able to eat away at a clog – but they are culprits for eating away at pipes too.  Corroded pipes is a much bigger issue to deal with than a clogged drain.  The chemicals can also back up into your clean water and contaminate it.

2. Flushable wipes are flushable.

Sure, flushable wipes flush.  But what really happens to those wipes after they’re flushed?  They may go down the drain without a problem, but once they start working their way through the pipes, problems arise.  Wipes don’t break down as easily as toilet paper, and they begin to buildup and eventually cause clogs.  We recommend not flushing anything besides toilet paper down your toilet.

3. Hot water clears grease off pipes.

We’ve all been told not to pour grease down the drain… but why not run hot water at the same time to help break it up and allow the grease to melt as it travels down the drain?  Although that may sound like a promising solution, grease and water don’t mix.  Shortly after the pour, the water will cool, and the grease will solidify and separate from the water.  Rule of thumb: never pour grease down the drain.  We recommend pouring all grease inside a disposable container.

Bonus Myth: All plumbing companies are created equally!

Think you can just pull a name out of a hat when finding a plumber?  They’re in the phone book, so they must be reputable, right?  Wrong!  It is best to do your homework and research plumbing companies that are both licensed and insured, have good reviews, and most importantly, stand behind their work by offering a satisfaction guarantee.  Check out our blog post, “How to Hire a Plumber: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumbing Company,” for the ultimate guide on ensuring you find a professional, reputable, and transparent plumber.

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