Clean drinking water plays an important role in our lives, however only a small percentage of water is actually free of chlorine, bacteria and other contaminants.  Many families are making a change for their health and installing home water filters.  Home water filtration systems remove impurities, and while there are many different types on the market, they all ensure a clean supply of water each time you run your tap.

Here are the top 3 reasons many of our clients here at Plumbing Experts are installing a home water filter:

  1. Safety

Regardless as to whether your water comes from city or well-based systems, there are many ways contaminants and high levels of minerals can enter into your water.  Water systems always run the risk of system failures, so by filtering water with a home water filtration system, you’re adding an additional layer of protection.

  1. Environment

If you’re purchasing bottled water to drink, not only is this costly, but it contributes to the plastic waste stream.  Even when you’re diligent about recycling, there’s no guarantee those bottles will be recycled.

  1. Plumbing Problem Prevention

One of the Plumbing Experts favorite reasons for making the switch to a home water filter is to help reduce the likelihood of plumbing issues.  As pollutants, including heavy metals or chemicals make their way into your pipes, they contribute to corrosion over time.  In addition, water-using appliances, such as your hot water heater, can wear down quicker from buildup of mineral deposits.

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