Let’s face it, almost nothing is worse for a homeowner than the nuisance of a drain clog. And the fact that they are so available can, well, almost make you pull your hair out. But if you are losing your hair over a clog, make sure it doesn’t go down the drain! Hair is the # 1 culprit when it comes to clogged sinks and clogged drains in Palm Beach, Broward and across America!
Yes, hair, food, grease, and foreign objects or some of the most common clogs. Over time, limescale can also impede drainage and hasten corrosion. In areas with hard water in Palm Beach and especially Broward County, installing a water softener is the surest way to deter limescale.
Recurring clogs might also be due to improperly installed pipes. For example, sharp, 90° turns in the drain system; pipes that are not sufficiently sloped downward, or even poorly ventilated pipes. Here are some tips for unclogging your drain

During the holidays, there are alot of situations where clogs can arise. For instance during Halloween there will be a lot of pumpkin carving…and that’s awesome, but whatever you do, do not dump the pulp and seeds down the drain or down any toilet! Why? The seedsand pulp harden into a resin like material over time and become so sticky, they catch other waste that enter the drain, causing a real ‘scary’clog!

Thanksgiving Day ( and especially the day after Thanksgiving ) are also big days for clogged drains because many people mistakenlyforce turkey carcasses and parts down the drain and into the garbage disposal after the big meal – a real ‘no no’. 

Clogs can also be caused by tree roots, and this is especially true of older pipes that may have small cracks in them ( this is where the concept of ‘rooter’ comes from ). Many of the older homes in the Fort Lauderdale area of Broward County and Lake Worth / West Palm Beach areas of Palm Beach County are in fact older and many have trees whose roots can push into the pipes

Fortunately, most of these types of common clogs are easily treatable. You just need to know the right plumber who can help you. If necessary, a drain cleaning specialist can even put out a camera down your drain and pipes to check for issues like these. So be careful of what you put down your drain so you can avoid the pain of a clogged drain!