Many leaks are not visible, meaning they can fly under the radar without showing any signs, such as wet spots.  They occur inside the walls and unless an abnormally large water bill is noticed, these types of leaks can go on for a while and cause major damage.  As for visible leaks, a water leak isn’t always what it may seem.  Although you may see water coming out of the floor or toilet, it could be originating from another source.

This is where the Plumbing Experts come in.  Here at Plumbing Experts, we are leak detection experts!  We have perfected the art of efficiently locating leaks and helping our friends and neighbors in Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin Counties since 1976.

Here are the methods that Plumbing Experts use to see through your walls and detect your leaks:

  1. Acoustic

When Water Leaks in a pressurized pipe, water flows through the surrounding soil very quickly. This causes the pipes to vibrate at the water leak. This vibration flows throughout the entire pipe – by using our sophisticated leak detection equipment, we can localize the source of the leak.

  1. Line Locator & Sewer Video Camera

Many times, a leak is occurring in the Sewer Pipe System of your home. There are a number of possible causes of a leak, including tree roots, settlement or collapse, and misalignment during a bad installation.

To determine the cause and location of a leak, we use a combination of a line locator and sewer video camera. We insert the sewer video camera into the plumbing line through a clean-out and can view on a TV screen in the inside of the pipe. Once we find the location of the problem, we use a line locator which tells us exactly how many feet into the sewer pipe the problem is.

  1. Smoke Test

A smoke test is another way of locating a sewer line leak. We force a large quantity of harmless special-effects smoke into the sewer system. We can then find the leak by seeing where the smoke is exiting the pipe system.

  1. Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging leak detection uses state of the art technology to find temperature differences in materials. This is the technology you see on hit TV shows like CSI: Miami. Since hot and cold water tend to have different temperatures than the ambient air, we can “see-through” walls to locate the source of the water leak.

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