You wouldn’t think of the springtime in South Florida as being a difficult season on your plumbing, but due to the large amount of rain that can be expected, it’s not a bad idea to give your home’s plumbing systems a look over in order to help avoid plumbing emergencies!

Just think of it as being an extension of your spring cleaning project! You’ll be surprised how many problems can crop up.

Rooms that are worth inspecting include: bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, and general locations both inside and outside of your home. With only a little bit of work you can help be prepared and prevent any problems from occurring within your home’s ( or businesses ) plumbing.

Check Kitchen and Bathrooms:

Check all the faucets for any leaks. Repairing the faucets will help you save water.

Make sure that you have strainers on each of your drains. This prevents hair, soap, and other substances from clogging up your drains.

Check your toilet for leaks. A fast, inexpensive way to do this is to put a few drops of food coloring into your toilet tank. If there are leaks, the food coloring will end up in the bowl within half an hour. While you’re at it, check the bowl for any cracks or leaks.

Turn water supply valves on and off from time to time. This will prevent them from getting stuck.

Check your toilets to make sure they flush properly. If you have to hold down or jiggle the knob, you should replace the parts in your toilet that are responsible for flushing. They don’t cost much and will actually save you money from your water bill.

Finally, clean your shower head using vinegar to remove any mineral deposits that may be clogging it.

Check Appliances

There are also a few ways that you can check your appliances for any problems that may be raising your water bill as well as preventing any complications down the road.

First, check the temperature on your water heater – Keep it at no more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit in order to prevent burning. This will keep your electricity bill down as well.

Drain a few gallons of water from your water heater. This will remove any sediment buildup that can clog up the works and reduce the life of your appliance. If your water heater is older than 15 years, you may want to replace it as the newer ones are more energy efficient. Never store anything flammable near the water heater.

Check the water supply hoses on your dishwasher, ice-maker, and washing machine for any leaks. Replace them if there is any problem or if they are older than 10 years.

General Ways to Check Things Around the Home

Checking the pipes under your sinks for leaks.

Make sure your sump pump is working properly if you have one. Several towns
in Broward and Palm Beach including Davie, Plantation, Parkland and Wellington among others.

Install a backflow valve under your floor drain in order to prevent backups if you have a sewer where you live.

Make sure your outside drains and gutter are clean and have no debris. Check vent pipes for birds’ nests. Finally, check your outdoor faucets to make sure they are running properly.

Spring in South Florida should be a time of renewal and good feelings about the coming year. It’s a good time to ‘stop and smell the flowers’ but just as important
to stop and check your plumbing!