Spring has officially sprung!  If you’re planning on kicking-off the season with a cleaning spree, why not consider reviewing plumbing functions around your home to ensure everything is in tip-top shape and functioning properly?

Here are some routine plumbing check-up’s that you can perform to prevent your home from potential damage:


  • Check pipes throughout the home for corrosion
  • Observe drains for proper flow rate (slow drains or gurgling noises can be signs of a blockage)
  • Check that your sump pump is functioning properly
  • Watch outdoor faucets and sprinklers for signs of a leak
  • Inspect your water heater for signs of corrosion or leaks
  • Drain gallons from your water heater to remove sediment and ensure durability
  • Use a pressure gauge to check your water pressure
  • Take a whiff of the hot water to ensure no odor is present
  • Flush your water heater at least once a year (and make sure you turn off the heat source while doing this)


  • Examine toilet bowls for cracks or leaks and give it a flush to confirm it’s draining correctly
  • Ensure the toilet is fastened to the floor and inspect the caulk around the toilet
  • Clear drains
  • Clean out calcium deposits from shower heads
  • Check for loose tiles as they could be a sign for a leak


  • Check refrigerator, dishwasher and garbage disposal for leaks inside and out
  • Check the faucet aerator to see if there is debris buildup and remove as needed

If you’re in need of any plumbing maintenance, or would like the peace of mind of having one of our trained professionals inspect your home, give Plumbing Experts a call at Palm Beach (561) 279-2460 or Broward (954) 786-0477 or contact us here.