Drip.  Drip.  Drip.  This may sound familiar as one of the most common plumbing problems are leaky faucets.  When water continues to drip from a shower head, the majority of the time there is an issue with the shower valve.  Sometimes the parts have become corroded and cracked, the inner seal may have worn, or water deposits could even be clogged.  Anyone that has gone through this knows leaks can be irritating, expensive and wasteful.

But the good news is that Plumbing Experts is the leading bathroom plumber in bathrooms across Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida.  We are equipped to handle all your plumbing emergencies as well as normal repairs, upgrades, and maintenance services.

Plumbing Experts was recently called to investigate a leaking shower head.  As it turns out, the shower valve was broken, allowing water to pass through the shower head.  Unfortunately, the model was older and parts have been discontinued for it, but our Plumber was able to quickly replace the entire shower valve with a newer model.  The replacement came out great, and the customer was pleased with the work Plumbing Experts did.

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