Bidets have been common throughout Europe, Asia, and South America, but now they are becoming increasing popular in the US.  Why?  Well, unless your idea of getting squeaky clean is to wipe yourself with dry paper, a bidet is the obvious choice.  Let’s think about this logically.  We use water to clean our bodies, why should our bums be treated any differently?

Here are some of the most beneficial reasons to say YES to installing a bidet:

1. Health Benefits & Cleanliness.

Bidets work by delivering a spray of water to flush bacteria away from the most sensitive areas of the body.  Not only does it help to leave you feeling shower-fresh all day long, but it helps to prevent conditions such as UTIs, yeast infections, bacterial prostatitis, hemorrhoids and more.

2. Environmentally Friendly.

Did you know that Americans lead the world in toilet paper usage?  Now let’s ask ourselves… why are we flushing forests down the toilet when we have a less wasteful alternative? 

Aside from saving trees, bidets also reduce the number of harmful chemicals that make it down our drains.  Toilet paper actually contains chlorine, which as you can imagine isn’t great for your sensitive skin, or for our water supply. 

Here at Plumbing Experts, we are big fans of bidets as it also helps prevent clogs in your pipes caused by toilet paper or flushable wipes build-up.

3. Overall Comfort.

If health and environmental benefits aren’t reasons enough, bidets can help to decrease overall discomfort caused by friction created by dry wiping.  Imagine a warm stream of water that helps sooth irritation and itchiness.  I bet you can imagine that makes for a more pleasant bathroom experience.

A common misconception is that bidets are only offered as stand-alone systems, separate from your toilet.  While that used to be the only option, there are now many different types of bidets on the market, making it easier than ever to get them into your bathroom.  The most common bidet in an American home is a bidet attachment, which as the name implies, attaches underneath the seat of your existing toilet bowl.  It is an affordable option and doesn’t require space for a separate unit or replacing your existing toilet.

We hope you will consider installing a bidet in your home, and as always, allowing Plumbing Experts to be your trusted source for information.  Please give us a call at Palm Beach (561) 279-2460 or Broward (954) 786-0477 or contact us here if you have any questions.