Plumbing usage during the summer

Summer is in full swing and your water usage will increase for certain. You’ll be entertaining guests, going on vacation, and hopefully doing a lot of relaxing. The kids will be home all day using the toilet more often and using the shower more to cool off. You’ll also end up topping off the pool to keep up with evaporation and all of those cannonball dives. When traveling or on vacation, the plumbing system will go untouched for extended periods of time causing its own set of potential problems. Let us help you with some common plumbing tips for summer to help you enjoy a stress free season! If you live in Broward or Palm Beach, contact us to handle any plumbing problems you encounter this summer.

The kids are home, the bathroom is going to be tested

With your children home all day during summer vacation their bathroom is going to be used at least twice as much as the rest of the year. Here are some great plumbing tips to ensure the bathroom they use can handle the workload. First off, your toilet will be flushed quite a bit. Place a few drops of food coloring into the tank to see if the water leaks into the bowl without flushing. If it does, you will probably need to replace the rubber floater valve. Next, stand over the toilet and try to wiggle it back and forth. If there is sufficient give or the floor seems spongy, the wax seal could be eroded and will need to be replaced. Finally, check the tile grout in your shower and the caulking around the tub. If there are pieces missing, water can get behind the wall or under the tub.

The disposal is at greater risk during the summer

The grill isn’t the only thing being put to task during the summer. Certain summertime foods can cause quite a problem for your disposal. When you have finished off that perfectly grilled steak, be sure to avoid dumping the fat you trimmed off into the disposal. It will clog up the plumbing faster than you can say corn on the cob. Speaking of corn, those fibrous husks should go in the trash, not the disposal. Artichokes and celery will also wreak havoc, any food that is fibrous is not good for your disposal including bananas. If your disposal does fail or the sink gets clogged, our licensed experts are available 24/7 with no extra charge for weekend calls!

Plumbing tips for when you go on vacation

If you plan to leave home for an extended period of time this summer, make sure the plumbing safe. The last thing you want after spending a month traveling or a few weeks at the beach is to come home to a flooded house. Check the water hoses attached to all of your appliance and make sure they are not cracked, loose, or dried out. Right before you leave, check to make sure all the indoor and outdoor taps are completely shut. If you are away for a period of time the water pressure will increase in your home from lack of use. You can purchase a gauge or give us a call to make sure the water pressure is between 55-65 psi.You will also want to leave your washing machine and dishwasher open to air them out. This will help prevent rust as well as you coming home to a musty smell.

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