Did you know here at Plumbing Experts we are leak detection experts?  One of the ways in which we look for leaks is via a process known as Electronic Leak Detection.  We dig tunnels under buildings and houses in order to replace water pipes, or sewer lines within the tunnel.  We offer leak detection up to 12 feet underground, and under your home’s slab, all without cutting into your floors in the process.

Plumbing Experts recently responded to a residence in Plantation, Florida with a stoppage problem.  When our technician arrived, he ran a snake but it came back shiny and with sand on it.  Knowing there was an underlying issue, the technician ran a video camera to further investigate.  As it turns out, the pipe under the sink had “bottomed out”.  To remedy the issue, Plumbing Experts dug a tunnel under the house and ran a new line from the kitchen towards the clean out location.  18 feet of pipe was replaced under the house.

To learn more about tunneling in order to repair water line or sewer pipes, click here.

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