Tis’ the season for expressing the ghoulish side of things…but don’t let your desire for a tricked out pumpkin trick you into getting a sticky plumbing bill afterwards!

Pumpkin Zombie

When you carve out your pumpkin, It’s okay to scoop out the insides, but whatever you do, DO NOT dump the pulp and seeds down any drain or toilet. This is one sure way to turn your pumpkin into a zombie that lives on and terrifies your plumbing system! Read on!

Our plumbers here at Plumbing Experts in South Florida suggest that you scoop the pulp and seeds out and lay it on newspaper and leave it for later. We will give you some ideas of what to do with it at the end of this blog.

Firstly however, let’s explain why dumping pumpkin remnants down any drain is a terrible idea. Pumpkin guts are slimy, stringy and full of seeds that when ground up in a disposal can become just as sticky as the pulp. When they are washed down a drain or flush down a toilet, the pulp separates and sticks to everything it touches on the way down. Over time, it hardens and turns into a resin like substance that becomes so gummy and sticky it catches other waste that enters the drain and before you know it, you have a clogged drain!

If this happens, you can try pouring boiling water down the drain to loosen the mass that has formed. If that doesn’t work, you can call us at Plumbing Experts Inc. in Broward or Palm Beach Counties. But really, we want to help you prevent this from happening and from getting the always terrifying bill afterwards.

So the next time you carve a pumpkin, gourd or squash, scoop out the pulp and seeds, lay it out on a newspaper and set it aside until you have finished your masterpiece. Otherwise, you may receive an unwelcome visit from the Pumpkin Zombie ( and the plumber!).

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As promised, here are some alternative ideas to dumping the pulp down the drain:

Throw it in the trash, not in the toilet or a drain!

Rinse, pat dry, then roast the seeds in the oven, then sprinkle with a little sea salt. They make a healthy and delicious snack!

The pulp and seeds make a tasty treat for chickens, goats and pigs if you know any.

If you are an urban farmer, you can compost any discards, OR, you could grow your own pumpkins! Pick out the biggest seeds, rinse them well and lay them out to dry on a paper towel. Store them in an envelope or plant them right away. Use tips 1-4 for the remain of what you don’t save for planting.

We hope you win the carving contest this Halloween in South Florida, but don’t clog your plumbing and awaken the Pumpkin Zombie in the process! Happy Halloween from all of us at Plumbing Experts!