Did you know that Plumbing Experts takes care of several commercial services?   That’s right!  Broward and Palm Beach businesses trust Plumbing Experts with their maintenance and installations needs of all kinds.  From grease traps, to blocked drains, our turn-key solutions handle projects of any size ‘in house’.

Plumbing Experts was recently called to a restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida where they were experiencing a floor drain stoppage.  We know this customer well because they are a grease trap customer, meaning every 3 months we come out on schedule to pump out their grease tank for them.  Since they are a recurring commercial customer, if they have any plumbing issues while we’re there cleaning out their grease tank, we do them at a discounted rate.  Our plumber was able to investigate the drain stoppage.  He took apart the drain and pulled cutlery out and was able to get the stoppage cleared up.

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