“Water Mains” refer to the system of underground pipes that delivers water from the regional source of supply, to your street, and ultimately to your home or business plumbing.  In other words, it’s a major artery in a water distribution system.

Water mains can experience a break for many different reasons, including weather changes, tree roots expanding, corrosive soils, or the ground settling.  However, the number one reasons is corrosion on old plumbing pipes that develop cracks, or a buildup of rust.

Our team of technicians recently responded to a call from Florida Atlantic University, as the university experienced a water line break.  Water was pouring out in the middle of the road, causing a major disruption.  We brought in a mini excavator to dig up and repair the broken pipe, and successfully completed the job.

Although the city where you live is usually responsible for public main maintenance, as a homeowner or business owner, you’d be responsible for the main supply line directly connected to your house, up until your faucet.  If you experience any issues, Plumbing Experts is here to help.  Give us a call at Palm Beach (561) 279-2460 or Broward (954) 786-0477 or contact us here.