When you think of a kitchen sink, you probably think of just one item. But what you may not know is that your kitchen sink is actually made up of 35 different parts! With so many parts, it’s no wonder why so many things can go wrong and why you may need to call a professional for repairs. At Plumbing Experts, we’ve seen it all and can help with plumbing repairs, leak prevention, and more!

What Are the Parts of a Kitchen Sink?

A kitchen sink is composed of several parts that work together to make it functional. The parts of a kitchen sink can be broken down into the following categories:


Faucets are the most visible part of the sink. They’re the parts you use to turn the water on and off, and they come in a variety of styles. Some faucets have two handles to control the temperature of the water, while others have a single handle.

Sink Bowls

The sink bowls are the part of the sink where you do the dishes. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be made of different materials such as stainless steel, porcelain, or composite.

Drain Assemblies

The drain assembly is the part of the sink where the water flows out. It includes the drain pipe, tailpiece, and strainer.

Supply Lines

The supply lines are the pipes that bring water to the sink from the main water supply. They connect the sink to the shut-off valves.

Shut-Off Valves

The shut-off valves are the parts that control the water flow to the sink. They can be used to turn the water on and off or to adjust the water pressure.


Finally, accessories are the parts of the sink that are used to make it more convenient. These parts include soap dispensers, garbage disposals, air gaps, and more.

What Are Common Kitchen Sink Problems?

With so many parts in a kitchen sink, there are a variety of problems that can occur. Some of the most common problems include blockages, pipe bursts, water pressure fluctuations, and more.


Blockages are one of the most common sink problems. Blockages can occur in both the kitchen sink and the shower drain. They can be caused by a buildup of debris or by objects that become lodged in the drain.

Pipe Bursts

Pipe bursts can occur if the supply lines become damaged or clogged. A pipe burst can cause a lot of water damage and can be difficult to repair.

Water Pressure Fluctuations

Water pressure fluctuations can occur if the supply lines become blocked or damaged. This can cause the water pressure to fluctuate, making it difficult to use the sink.

How Can Plumbing Experts Help?

At Plumbing Experts, we have years of experience in repairing and installing kitchen sinks. We can help with a variety of plumbing problems, from unblocking shower clogs to preventing sink clogs. We also provide leak prevention services to help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Why Choose Plumbing Experts?

At Plumbing Experts, we take pride in our work and strive to provide the best service possible. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced plumbers who are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service. We also use the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure that our work is of the highest standard.

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