Water heaters are a great household convenience that many homeowners have grown accustomed to, but often pay little mind to.  We depend on them to function normally, and without requiring much interaction.  Water heaters are often forgotten about until a problem arises.  But between water leaking, no hot water or not enough hot water, low water pressure or strange noises, there are several issues that could pop up.

Plumbing Experts recently responded to a customer in Delray Beach with water heater trouble.  The customer called in saying her water heater was leaking all over her garage and was afraid it would flood her home.  She was unsure of its size and what exactly a replacement would entail, but Plumbing Experts eased her concerns.  One Plumber, Dobrica, went there the same day, identified the problem, and replaced it in a matter of no time.

To learn more about the basics of how a hot water heater works and the most common problems, click here.

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