Garbage disposals – the device installed under a kitchen sink to shred food waste into small pieces to pass through plumbing – have grown into a very popular household convenience.  Although they may be considered more of a luxury than a necessity, our plumbers at Plumbing Experts recommend them because they provide an effective way to deal with kitchen waste.  When used correctly, garbage disposals help waste easily pass through kitchen sink plumbing, as well as make a positive difference for your community and the environment.

If you have a garbage disposal, you know the importance of ensuring your disposal is in good working order.  Disposals can become clogged or damaged if hard food, expanding food, grease/cooking oils, or non-food related items, such metal, gets poured down.  Each time proper waste is disposed of, you must run the unit long enough, as well as use enough water, to adequately rinse and chop away the waste.

If you’re in the market for a new garbage disposal, Plumbing Experts can recommend the most efficient unit to meet your household needs and budget.  We’re proud to carry various models from the leading brand in garbage disposals, InSinkErator.

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