Briny Breezes, Florida is a tiny town with the perfect location – right on the beach in Southern Palm Beach County. But when there’s a leak, drip, overflow or other plumbing problem, it’s a big problem to the approximately 411 residents who call the little enclave home. Until they pick up the phone and call Briny Breezes plumber – Plumbing Experts that is. But if you are having to keep calling us to the rescue routinely, there may be a bigger problem with your pipes and plumbing systems.

There are many older homes in Briny Breezes. These homes often lack the latest plumbing found in newer structures. These may include modern services such as efficient garbage disposals, water heaters and hot/cold water valves. It is often necessary to update some of these  as the old systems and plumbing parts may not be as energy-efficient as the modern appliances. A new plumbing systems and set of pipes may also be necessary.

New plumbing system in Briny Breezes

So if you are like some of the residents of Briny Breezes, you may be contemplating whether it may finally be time to upgrade your plumbing system. You may be weighing the advantages of a complete upgrade ( new plumbing ) vs. simply updating one system at a time, like getting a new toilet or new water heater. Repiping your entire house may sound like a herculean task, but it may be the best course in the long run.

Think about this. Your old pipes likely contain a good amount of rust. Your drinking water comes from these pipes, so your drinking water necessarily contains elements contained in the rust. Yikes! Another advantage of updating your plumbing and repiping your plumbing system is improving your water pressure. If you are tired of having your shower sprinkle over you instead of spraying out with some volume and pressure, getting new pipes will greatly improve this. Modern pipes made with Pex for example are much more resistant to corrosion and rust as well, and a new plumbing system is a big plus when you go to sell your home. The folks in Briny Breezes very rarely sell their homes because they love their little community and amazing community, but it’s always a possibility down the road.

While you may think a complete overhaul of a home plumbing system wildly expensive, you may be surprised. Our licensed, certified plumbing technicians will give you a plan with options available for each part of the house. We are also happy to offer you advice on making small changes which give dramatic results without spending too much money on renovations, remodeling and fixture upgrades.

Call us. We’re based in Delray Beach but only a phone call away from Davie to West Palm Beach!

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