Are you prepared for the 2022 Florida Hurricane Season?  Hurricane Season spans from June to November and residents of South Florida know that Florida severe weather is a regular occurrence.  Between stocking up on emergency kit supplies, and ensuring your home and family is ready to weather a storm, preparing can become an overwhelming task.  Luckily, Plumbing Experts has put together a checklist to ensure your home’s plumbing is in order should a severe storm hit this Hurricane Season.  Remember, the best time to prepare is always before a storm, so we encourage homeowners to utilize this checklist, and allow Plumbing Experts to assist in any maintenance to protect your plumbing systems.

Here’s a Hurricane Preparedness Checklist from a plumbing point-of-view:

Preparing Now for Hurricane Season:

  • Clean out gutters, downspouts and drains to ensure water will drain as quickly as possible
  • Have a sump pump and water alarm with battery backup installed. If you have these items, check that it’s in good working order and have it serviced if necessary
  • Ensure your service lines, including your water, gas and electrical line, are properly sealed
  • Keep a supply of bottled water for drinking and cooking

Preparing Just Before a Storm is Expected to Hit:

  • Fill your bathtub with water to use for tasks such as cleaning dishes, bathing, or flushing toilets
  • Turn off the main water supply to prevent your household supply from getting contaminated
  • Turn off the electricity/gas to the water heater
  • Elevate any systems (furnace/water heater/electric panel) if susceptible to flooding

After the Storm:

  • Thoroughly check your plumbing, inspecting all plumbing fixtures, to ensure everything remained in working order
  • Check with local authorities and wait until you know it’s safe to turn the main water supply back on. If you notice discolored water or leaks/cracks, turn it back off and call Plumbing Experts
  • Survey your property for fallen trees/debris
  • If flooding occurred, remove soaked carpeting/furniture to avoid mold and air out your home
  • Stay away from flooded areas in/around your home to avoid risk of contamination or electrical shock

For an all-encompassing Hurricane Preparedness Checklist, including planning for an evacuation, what to include in your supply kit, and establishing a communication plan, check out this free guide from Ready.GOV.

If you’d like to have a home plumbing inspection performed, or know that you’re due for plumbing maintenance to better prepare your home for Hurricane Season, give Plumbing Experts a call at Palm Beach (561) 279-2460 or Broward (954) 786-0477 or contact us here.