Cast iron piping has been a plumbing infrastructure staple in the US since the early 19th century.  At one point, they were the strongest and most reliable material used in these systems.  If your home was built before the 1980s, and you haven’t replaced your piping, there is a good chance your pipes are cast iron.  Although cast iron pipes can last well over 50 years, early deterioration of these pipes isn’t uncommon.  An inspection is always recommended, as it can reveal rusted, decayed, or cracked pipes, which can lead to leaks, foul smells, and slow drains.

Plumbing Experts was recently called to a condominium building in Palm Beach, Florida due to a cracked cast iron drain in the ceiling of a bathroom.  The bathroom was completely mirrored, so the mirrors had to be removed to access the cast iron.  Once the Plumber was able to cut out the existing cast iron, he replaced with heavy duty, 4 banded no-hub couplings.  These were chosen specifically for this project because they are engineered to connect cast iron pipes, with a strong and reliable seal that eliminates leak paths.

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